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05 october 2014 y
Hello Sergey Leonidovich! Thank you for your question. To verify the quantity and characteristics of gate valves with pipeline fittings with you our manager and...
29 may 2014 y
Knife gate valve diameter 200mm in stock. You can contact a convenient way for you, for example, by phone 0332 287728 and get information.
Catalog of goods
The V-belt standard profile 6x-425
SKU: 6x-425
Material: Rubber
Thermal stability, ᵒC: -40÷+70
Minimum pulley diameter, mm : 28
Conversion of length : La = Li+25 мм, La = Lp+10 мм, Lp = Li+15 мм
Length Li,mm : 425
Height,mm : 4
Width,mm: 6

The calculated length of the belt

Price: 158,00 UAH
Atmospheric pressure deaerator DA
Type of transaction selling
Quantity: 1
Unit: pieces
Currency: UAH
Phone for communication +380 332 287728
E-mail for the communications office@svitjaz.com

The company will manufacture Svitiaz Deaerators atmospheric pressure type DA

Knife Gate valve with electric AUMA
Type of transaction selling
Quantity: 1
Unit: pieces
Price: 17000
Currency: UAH
Сompany: Svitiaz, LLC
Address: Ivan Franco, 44
Contact person: Andry
Phone for communication +380 332 287728
E-mail for the communications market@svitjaz.com
Skype: svitjaz.
Website: www.svitjaz.com

Knife Gate valve DN150 with electric AUMA

Deaeration column CDA-5

Deaeration column CDA-5
Rating: +++++

Viewed: 3261
Goods is not available
Price: 18 000,00 UAH
Report as appear on the e-mail
18 000,00

Produce Deaeration column CDA-5

05 june 2014 y.
Name: Дмитрий
У Вас нет больше информации по колонке деаэраторной КДА-5? Очень мало информации, характеристики !
Чтобы комментировать, зарегистрируйтесь или авторизуйтесь
Deaeration column CDA-5
Рейтинг: +++++ 5 из 5 на основе 3261 голосов
Цена от:18000
Цена до:18000
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Shopcartgoods 0 to 0,00 UAH


Pipeline armature from Svityaz
27 may
Knife gate valve with a nominal diameter 1200mm, bi-directional and gear.

Large diameter knife gate valves to buy the company Svitiaz

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25 october 2014 y.
Name: Савик
Безцінна конструкція для установки під бункер і силос.
25 october 2014 y.
Name: Афанасій Афанасійович
У мене такі засувки шиберні, стоять на целюлозної пульпе в цеху, проблем немає. Цьому постачальнику подяки.
25 october 2014 y.
Name: Савик
Задвижка шиберная с электроприводом серьёзное вложение в модернизацию производства. Электрические привода AUMA и CENTORK надёжны в эксплуатации.
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